The Heart vs. Lung Debate – An Answer At Last

Answers From Medical Testing
At least, I sort of have an answer. After having a test last week that measured my VO2 levels while being strapped to machines that measured heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and it probably measured other things that I don’t understand. They were looking to see if my lungs or heart were giving out and that would explain why I have been short of breath. Good news/Bad news. Good news is that my lungs were perfect the entire time and I was pushing oxygen at great rates. Bad news is basically something I already knew because I’ve lived it for years. My heart fails to function properly when it is pushed to a high heart rate. My faulty heart valve allows too much blood to flow the wrong way into the heart, thus making it quite hard for me to breathe. I never had it medically confirmed, but I have dealt with that problem ever since I was young and it was obvious to me that something ‘happened’ with my heart when my heart rate was raised.

Ugh. So what does this mean?  That no one has any clue as to why I have been extremely short of breath for the last six weeks. That is what we were looking for, not how my heart functions when it is stressed!!! My breathing has become easier and I am taking less gasping breaths each day, but they are still there. There is no way to explain how frustrated I am, especially since there is nothing I can do about any of this.

Now that my breathing is starting to feel better and this isn’t  a lung issue, I am going to slowly start to run again. I have lived with this heart issue my entire running life, so this is still the same issue to deal with. I have a few races this fall that I want to run and I need to get out the door if I want to make it to them!

Bikini Competition Prep
I am actually quite frustrated this week. I take progress pictures every Thursday night so I can keep an eye on my progress. I also measure on the first of every month and use the scale as other methods of tracking progress. I looked at side by side pictures from the start of my prep (12 weeks out) and from last night (7 weeks out) and I see very minimal differences. I feel defeated. I feel like all the hard work and hours at the gym and working to stick to my diet have all been for nothing. People say that 7 weeks is a long time and things can change, but in 5 weeks I didn’t see much change.

I hope that I am just stalled on progress. I hope that 7 weeks can show a large difference in my body. I hope this all works out because it would be a huge disappointment if I had to drop out because my body isn’t cooperating.

Girls on the Run 5K
Registration is open for the fall Girls on the Run 5K! It is on November 15 at 9:00 a.m. at Fallen Timbers in Maumee, Ohio. This organization is something that I feel strongly about because I have seen firsthand the change that it can make in the lives of young girls who are still learning who they are.
I recently joined the board of directors for Girls on the Run NW Ohio and even though I am just getting started, I am excited to help change the lives of third-fifth grade girls through running and curriculum that strengthens their self esteem. Carah has opted out of running with them this year, but she has participated with them the previous five seasons and grew as a person because of it.

Anyways, those are my updates and I am sticking to them.

Happy weekend everyone!

The Running Ban Continues…

I have just over seven weeks until my first bodybuilding competition in the bikini category. I am scared shitless about this. And it isn’t just one thing that scares me, it is everything. The walking, turns, poses, exercise, eating and even my posing suit.
My posing suit is picked out and ordered. She isn’t starting on it yet so I can give her a more accurate measurement of where I am so the suit will fit appropriately. In the meantime I continue to hit the gym a few days each week. I am still banned from cardio due to my breathing issues. I still feel like I can’t take a deep breath in and sometimes I can’t even get a half breath in. I have had a few tests lately and tomorrow morning I will (hopefully) get the results. I miss running and I have to skip a few races that I have really wanted to do because of this. That is assy and makes me feel stabby about this whole thing.

Some great news is that applications for the 2015 Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon Ambassadors will be open next week! If you want to be a part of this fantastic weekend of fun and you have a blog then please fill out the application and you’ll be considered! You’ll get free entry to the race of your choice and we ask that you help us promote the race. Easy enough, right? If you have any questions just let me know!

I hope that I’ll be able to update you tomorrow with whatever ails me.
Happy Wednesday~

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