That Time Where My Tattoo Was Finished

Well, it’s finished (almost). After six + hours of work over three sessions, I can say that I LOVE the finished product.
I went in to see Sailor Woody at Infinite Art, with a picture of five pansies and a picture that my mom had painted years before and asked him to make it into something amazing for a partial half sleeve. What he did was just fantastic.

These pictures are after the first, second and third appointments. 2016-09-23-00-10-03 A lot of people have asked what the inspiration for the tattoo was, below you can take a look at the picture my mom painted and there are a few views of my tattoo and the way it transferred to my arm.
It captures some of the best parts of the picture and the coloring is spot on.
Why the pansies?
1. I like pansies
2. My grandma has painted me a few pieces with pansies on them and they’re just gorgeous
These are colors of real pansies that I picked and Woody nailed it with the colors.
2016-09-24-00-58-33I have one more short appointment to ink the black in the center of the flowers. The black also flows into the petals and look like ‘veins.’

I still can’t believe that I have a finished partial half sleeve. It still catches my eye in the mirror like ‘what the fucking fuck is that?’ It’ll take time to get more used to it. ‘You know that’s permanent,’ is the thing I hear the most from the non-tattooed. And I’m thinking no shit Sherlock, I did hear something about that before starting the process. I have two tattoos on my back that are hidden for the most part unless I’m in a bathing suit. This is the only highly visible one that I have. It will take a little work on my part to hide it at work, as they aren’t allowed.

Would you ever get a large tattoo?

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