The Gym. The Cut. The Group. 3 Week Update.

So much running through my head lately. Between work, my personal life, lack of running, physical therapy and the gym I am having all the feels for sure. I’m not saying they’re all bad feels, but they sure af aren’t all good. You know what would make them all (vast majority) good? A million dollars. Yup. 64659116I am loving going to the gym every day. I have been looking forward to getting back throughout the entire marathon training. But, I have always enjoyed a good run and gym balance. Not being able to run has put me on edge a little, especially since the weather has turned gorgeous here in NW Ohio. I can’t really even take a nice long walk because of the swelling in my knee. It swells and then it is incredibly painful to bend. But, with the gym time, my cut continues. My carbs are much lower than they were during training season for obvious reasons, but I am still not used to them. My body is taking it’s sweet ass time realizing that I can’t go nuts with carbs anymore. I am back to my old ways from when i was training for my bodybuilding competition in the summer of 2014. My goal is essentially to get back to that point-ish. I want to be proud of how I look again because right now I am not having good feels about my appearance. Not at all.
Michelle Tanner displays how I would LIKE to eat during this cut…
13091952_1114868565217048_8750388511152043299_nMy friend Cari made her return to running on Sunday after a series of injuries during marathon training season. Since I can’t run I decided to show some support by meeting everyone after they ran! Bo was especially thrilled to get out of the house and take a short walk in the park. Can’t wait until it is my turn to make my return to running. My PT said 6-8 weeks from when I started going to see him and from today it has been 2 weeks, so only 4-6 more and I’ll be able to try out some running. Which means that I only have 4-6 more weeks that I have to control wanting to punch stupid people in the throat every day.2016-05-22 08.56.32I am 3 weeks post-op today and I think I am progressing at a decent pace. I am the kind of person who never settles for the average when it comes to knee PT. Average is perfectly fine BUT since I’ve been through this a few (5) times before, I want to get through it and back on with my life. I started going up stairs but still can’t go down them normally yet. Why not? Because going down stairs uses different muscles and those muscles take time to get back. Plus, you bend your leg more going down stairs than you do going up. Think about this for a step or two next time you go up and down stairs and see how much you bend your leg with each one and feel the muscles you use for each. If I tried to go down stairs normally right now I would most likely cry a shit ton because I fell down all the stairs to the landing.
At PT last week I started doing the leg press with my bad leg and was only lifting 60#. Could have done more, but they wanted me to start out slow. Just to show them how much work I have ahead of me I did the leg press with just my good leg and did 180# fairly easily. Ummm, lots of work to do. My quad probably lost 3″ with the surgery and my calf maybe 1″. Muscles atrophy big time with a surgery like this and I have a long road to get mine back in shape.
So, I’ll keep working at it and trying my best to get back to normal again.
Happy Pump Day everyone!

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