Cooking the Turkey & the Turkey Chase

Typically I am overly prepared for Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday of the year. It is the cook’s holiday.
I get to show my cooking prowess to those who I have over for the eating of all of the food.
This year I am making dinner for one and I have no problem with that.
Just because I am single doesn’t mean I am going to give up enjoying one of my favorite days of the year!

I have cooked Thanksgiving by myself for a number of years in my adult life and my mom and I cooked it together since I was 16ish.
I have a set schedule that I keep and I like to keep my traditions intact. So, this year I will spend Thursday cooking as I would as if I had people over to eat with me.
No, I don’t mind being alone. Yes, I have had multiple invitations to join friends that I love.
I have thought about it and I want to keep up my regular Thanksgiving routine.

That includes running a 5k on Thanksgiving morning!
This year I am running Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k, held in downtown Toledo!
2015-10-21 22.29.16Last time I set a goal to PR, I fell flat on my face, so to speak.
But, I’ll say it again…I am going to give it everything I’ve got to PR on Thursday morning.
I have to be faster than a 10:41 pace. I think I can keep that up for 3 miles.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Do you cook? Run? Just eat all of the food?

Monday’s Motivation

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