Glass City Marathon Pre-Race Dinner

Since I am a lover of food, as most good people are, I am always thinking of my next meal. And in reality, by next meal I mean that I’m thinking of everything that I’m going to eat from that moment until the end of time. I don’t know how to even put into words how much I honestly think about food every day. I am very lax with my macros lately, but no matter what, food is all I think of. And sleep, but that’s another topic altogether. eat_all_the_things
Let’s just say that you are running the Glass City Marathon, Marathon Relay, Owens Corning Half Marathon or Glass City 5k on Sunday, April 26. One of the most important things about a good race day doesn’t even happen on race day, it’s the pre-race dinner. Did someone mention food?3D-Ambassador-printRes-15logo_Glass-City-Marathon_R2DatenoTitle-towerLogo

Most runners I know, go for the pasta dinner for their carbohydrate of choice before a race. In reality, you should slowly increase your carb intake the week leading up to the race, but who does what they’re supposed to do anyways? The dinner before your morning race is the final call to war for all the carbs.

There are a few restaurants near The University of Toledo campus that are all great choices for a pre-race feast. My top choices are based entirely on personal preference and are in no particular order, plus they serve carbs:
Mancy’s Italian Grille – 5.2 miles away from UT’s campus
Calvino’s Restaurant – 2.1 miles away from UT’s campus
BRAVO! Cucina Italiana – 3.9 miles away from UT’s campus
Olive Garden (a good standby no matter what city you are in) – 4.2 miles away from UT’s campus
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano – 15.2 miles away from UT’s  campus – a little further away, but it is located in a great outdoor shopping mall

And these establishments are places that I have not visited a lot, but hear nice things about, and they also serve carbs:
La Scola Italian Grill – 5.4 miles away from UT’s campus
Zia’s – 5.5 miles away from UT’s campus
Rosie’s Italian Grille – 6.7 miles away from UT’s campus
Spaghetti Warehouse – 4.3 miles away from UT’s campus

And there are eight great options for your pre-race carbing, you can’t really go wrong. Except if you don’t pick from this list and go for Mexican food. Then you went wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

What is your pre-race meal of choice?

Your Guide to Seasonal Produce

Winter is still kicking here in NW Ohio and even for a winter-lover like myself, I am getting sick of it. After Toledo had the worst winter of the country in 2014, I was hoping that we would get a little break in 2015. Naturally, I was wrong. I am sick of my winter coats, wearing heels in the snow, the heated seats in my car, heat in general and not being able to open the windows. There is a 6(ish)-week period each spring and fall where the temperature is perfect and the windows in the house can stay open 24 hours a day. Those are the happiest times for me. Open windows when I sleep = happy Amanda.

I have been working with Diet-to-Go for a few years now and I am lucky enough to contribute to their blog. Recently I researched seasonal produce and learned quite a bit. Do you know which produce is seasonal to your area and which produce is shipped to your region? I knew a lot less than I thought I did. Take a look at the latest Diet-to-Go post on seasonal produce I wrote. It was eye-opening for me.
What'sInSeasonWhat is your favorite seasonal fruit or vegetable?
My favorite fruits are berries. I want all of the berries!!
My favorite vegetables are asparagus and cucumbers. When cucumber season hits in Ohio I cannot get enough of them!

Planning Your Weekend in Toledo for the Glass City Marathon

If you are signed up for the Glass City Marathon on April 26 2015, now is the time to start thinking about your race weekend. We are two months away from the race. Seriously. Only two months from today we’ll be running Toledo. If you aren’t local to Toledo, then you’ll need a hotel. The […]

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From 75* to 0* in Three Hours

That is the temperature swing I had yesterday. 75* to 0*. I was in Tampa and Ft. Myers for work events over the weekend and the weather was fantastic. I generally don’t like the heat in any way, but the temperature was just perfect for me in Florida. When I left Detroit on Friday morning […]


Monday’s Motivation


Sweaty Betty Running Clothes

I love new workout clothes. They represent the determination I have to continue running and weightlifting. They represent my future and my past workouts. And to be honest with you, what girl can resist new women’s running clothes to help on the path to her goals? Not this one, that’s for sure. Northwest Ohio has […]