Monday’s Motivation

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When Prep Doesn’t Go As Planned

It’s no surprise that I have had a few setbacks during my competition prep. I have had some lung and heart issues surface (luckily they have lessened in intensity) and I am restricted from doing any cardio. Well, now I am cleared to do cardio and what do I do? Pull a muscle in my back when I am doing hyperextensions. I really thought that my lower back had strengthened enough that I didn’t have to baby it anymore.

This isn’t the worse muscle pull I have ever had, but it isn’t one that is going to go away in 24 hours or anything. I mimicked some of the positions that I would be in as I lifted at the gym today…every single one of them killed my lower back. It is amazing  just how much you use your lower back, huh, who knew. So, I sit and rest. I need to get over the hump with this muscle pull and then I am back at it.

I’ve mentioned that my prep isn’t going as wonderfully as I’ve planned or wanted. With my lack of cardio I have not been able to drop the necessary body fat to be show ready. I do still have seven weeks from yesterday. I have a fighting chance if I stick to my macros 100% and I am able to get cardio and weights in 5 days a week. But with my newest setback of a muscle pull in my lower back, I just have to unwillingly sit and wait. I need to cross my fingers and hope that 6.5 weeks of hard work will be enough at this point in prep.

I am lifting much heavier at the gym, so I know that I am progressing in that way. It is this fucking layer of fat that is sitting on top of my muscles that just won’t budge!

And I wait…
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The Running Ban Continues…

I have just over seven weeks until my first bodybuilding competition in the bikini category. I am scared shitless about this. And it isn’t just one thing that scares me, it is everything. The walking, turns, poses, exercise, eating and even my posing suit. My posing suit is picked out and ordered. She isn’t starting […]

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Monday’s Motivation

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Weekend Plans = Nil

Medical issues can be the most frustrating things when you don’t know how to fix them.  I am still on a cardio ban and that angers me because I have not been able to run in a few weeks. Hopefully this break from running with give me such amazing excitement to train for the Medical […]

Running Basics: How Coffee Improves Athletic Performance

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