New Gym Shoes FTW

mizun782269_411962_jb1Oh yeah, new gym shoes are on their way! My current gym shoes are my Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s that I can’t wear to run because they are a low profile shoe and my knee needs way more stability. Since I couldn’t run in them they became my gym shoes. Well, they are starting to fall apart and there are little holes where my toes hit.
I really like a low profile running shoe as my gym shoe. They are comfortable and I do love me some Mizuno!
My new ones are the Mizuno Wave Sayonara 3. The third generation of my current gym shoes seems like a good idea.
They’ll be here on Thursday and I can’t wait to try them out! Plus, I got a bomb deal on them for only $45, and I can’t pass that up!

What kind of shoes do you lift in?

Now You Know & Knowing Is Half The Battle…

I’ve been sick for a few days and couching like a bad ass. This means I haven’t been running or lifting.
This means I feel like I am the laziest person alive. Okay, at least one of the top 10 laziest people alive. I have a friend that kept me company and that made couching a lot easier to handle.
I have no clue what numbers 1-8 are all about, as I just stole this, but number 9 seems to sum up my thoughts.
Even when my effort is sub par, I need to remember that I’m trying and that’s half the battle (G.I. Joe!).
I am bomb at getting to the gym and getting in my runs. I am not as amazing at eating within my macros.
When I plan my food out the night before and when I meal prep for the week, I have SO much success with eating. I’ll tell you that all of these delicious Oreo flavors are really making this rough. Remembering that even small steps are steps in the right direction.
2016-02-12 06.52.48-2
Dave’s Fall Marathon In Training begins next Monday and I was entering all of the training sessions into my planner and I always forget how much training a half marathon/marathon takes. It’s almost like it’s brand new every season.
Long runs are on Saturday’s at 8:00 a.m., which means I have to adult like a boss and go to bed at a respectable time on Friday’s. I have two more long races in the books for the year: Boy Scout Half Marathon and Churchill’s Half Marathon. I am just praying that my knee and heart stay happy for them.
2501e41b-d520-e511-a1f4-68b5996cf49aHow far in advance of a long race do you start training?
Do you train with Dave’s or with a training group in your city?

2016 Ohio Michigan 8k

One of my favorite races to run every year is the Ohio Michigan 8k by Dave’s Running. I LOVE this race. It’s always hotter than balls and let’s be honest, the course isn’t the most visually stimulating, but this race is SO much fun. There is an amazing after party with food and drinks and […]

Sun Time-Fun Time-Brown Spot Time

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Monday’s Motivation

The only motivation I need is the drive to be better than I was yesterday. Run the Boy Scout Half Marathon in only eight weeks? Just watch me. Run the Churchill’s Half Marathon in November? Just watch me. Kick the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon‘s ass on April 23, 2017? Just watch me. Continue to […]

2016 Boy Scout Half Marathon & Tenderfoot 5k

Guess who got their laptop back!!! They did a factory reset and nothing else on it, so I need to reload everything and customize it again. I loathe doing all of this, especially since I just did it six months ago. Now that I am feeling better from my small injury after knee surgery #6, […]