New River Gorge National Park

I visited my first National Park in August and I realized I need to get to more of them. I’ll be road tripping this weekend to Charlotte and as we pass through West Virginia, we’ll make a stop to New River Gorge National Park.
The NP is well known for the New River Gorge Bridge (seen below).
Seeing as it is so late in October, I’m hoping that the foliage is displaying beautiful color


There are also some great hikes to waterfalls and what I’m sure are sweeping vistas. We only have a few hours to take in all we can (twss) at the park, so I, being the nerdy over planner I am, am making notes on the spots in the park that would be clutch to visit.

Have you ever visited this park?
What National Parks have you been to that you love?

Monday’s Motivation

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Monday’s Motivation

MacQueen’s Run For Your Life 10k 2016 Recap

Today was full of a million amazing things and I’m still riding my runners high 10 hours later. Let’s start with a recap of the past MacQueen’s Run For Your Life 10k’s I’ve run. 2014 (Inaugural race): 1:15:12 (12:07 pace) 2015: 1:06:45 (10:45 pace) <—- an 8:27 PR from 2014 2016: 1:04:58  (10:28 pace) <—- a […]

Monday’s Motivation


That’s the number of days until Christmas. Yeah, that’s right, I said Christmas. The boyfriend mentioned it last night and it got my mind spinning. Seems so far away but I’m pretty sure those 81 days are going to jet past, especially since Thanksgiving is only 50 days away. The entire holiday season is so […]