Monday’s Motivation

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Miracle on Main Street 5k Recap

2016-12-04-12-58-35The Inaugural Miracle on Main Street 5k was this afternoon and it was a race that I am definitely adding to my calendar every year.

It started and finished on Main Street in Sylvania, Ohio, located just outside of Toledo. A field of almost 500 runners lined up as holiday music played, setting a festive atmosphere. The race course ran through Sylvania and started with a hill just before we passed Flower Hospital. Northwest Ohio is known for being flat so any kind of hill is a big deal. The rest of the course was essentially flat and fast.

There were spectators at the finish line who did a great job at helping give me that final boost needed to finish the race strong! This is always appreciated!

When I finished, my Garmin time was 2 seconds slower than my PR on Thanksgiving at Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k. I was really hoping for another PR today and that the actual chip time was different from my Garmin. My final chip time was 30:53, one freaking second slower than my PR of 30:52. Ughhhhh. Of course I’m thinking of the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s of the race. But I’m thrilled that I ran a race almost exactly as I did 11 days ago.

Part of my team of Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Ambassadors also ran the race. I think we all enjoyed it immensely! The race was executed to perfection, which is a hard thing to do during a new race.2016-12-04-15-38-16I’m not sure if I’m running anymore races in 2016, but my 2017 calendar is packed!

What You Need to Know About Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k & Kids Run

Thanksgiving is in less than FOUR days and I’m completely geeked! I am that nerd who plans out the entire day so I stay on track. My schedule for Thursday begins with Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k & Kids Run!This is the second year for the Turkey Chase and it sounds like it’ll be even better […]

Dave’s Marathon In Training Program for the 2017 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon

I was a solo runner for 5+ years. My pace was constantly changing due to my heart issue. I was self conscious about how I looked when I ran. To tell you the truth, I liked the solitude. I had the opportunity to train for the 2016 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon with Dave’s Marathon […]

Ugh, Adulting

I feel like all I have been doing lately is adulting without much time to spare for myself. I have mega slacked at the gym. I have super crazy mega slacked with running. I have been horrible at meal prep. I have been really horrible at keeping Bo busy and taking him for walks. I […]

Monday’s Motivation