Monday’s Motivation on a Tuesday Because I Can’t Get My Days Straight

Being off work off and on for two+ weeks has my calendar all fuckered up in my head. Tuesday’s are Thursday’s. Friday’s are Sunday’s.
It has been a pain actually. I thought today was Monday all morning.

Monday’s Motivation

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Tuesday’s Motivation

This being the first work day (for me) after Christmas, which means back to real life, I need to have the extra motivation to get my butt in gear. I keep saying that it is Monday, too. I am thrown off on which day it is completely. For the past week and a half I […]

My 2017 Race Calendar

As most runners do, I like to plan all of my races far in advance. Here are a few of the more obvious reasons: 1. Race entry fees can be expensive and I like to budget for the year 2. So I have races to look forward to and give me motivation 3. Training takes […]

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Free Race Entry Giveaway

With 2017 just weeks away it is time to look ahead and make plans for your vacations, family functions, shenanigans, tea parties, and races. My first vacation of 2017 is extremely early in the month, I don’t have my shenanigans or tea parties planned out, but my race schedule is solid. I officially start training […]

Monday’s Motivation