Bo’s 3rd Birthday

My little guy turned three yesterday! I cannot believe that he has been mine for almost three years!
Bo is my shadow at home. If I am in the room, he is there too. If I am in bed sleeping, he is too. He is amazing with handing out the cuddles and kisses. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect dog for myself and the family.

I took him out yesterday after work to celebrate at PetSmart. We walked everywhere and he smelled it all!

2014-07-28 17.49.28 2014-07-28 17.50.07 2014-07-28 17.51.52

We spent some time in the toy aisle but he didn’t get excited about any of it. I haven’t bought him an actual toy in well over a year. Anything soft and fluffy is destroyed in mere minutes and he doesn’t get into ropes and stuff like that. Bo’s ‘toy’ of choice is a huge bone that takes him 5 weeks to chew on. One thing I have learned about Bo over three years is that he is a chewer. Never of furniture. Bo just likes to chew my things. Glasses (two pairs), night guard, library book, my food…the list goes on. Bo likes MY things. So, I have focused on getting him toys that fulfill his need and love to chew.

This is what we ended up with. The mini knotted bones on the left are not really a birthday treat, these are a staple in the house for my pup. The mini treats on the bottom right are staples too, for when he does good things.  Anyways, the actual gifts we got were the giant bone and the rawhide twists. He loves these giant bones and it takes him months sometimes to eat them!

2014-07-28 18.11.39

He was also in puppy heaven yesterday because I let him stick his cute little head out the window to catch a face-full of wind on the way home.

2014-07-28 18.03.09 2014-07-28 18.03.16 2014-07-28 18.04.26

He tried one of each of his new treats and proceeded to take a two hour nap. Seriously? But when he woke up he was ready to play! I know I didn’t get to make my boy’s birthday special, but I hope he knows that I love him everyday, not just on his birthday.

Do you do anything special for your pet on their birthday?
Do you even know your pet’s birthday?
Am I nuts because I do?

I Must Be Crazy

I have officially decided to enter myself into a bikini competition. This isn’t the type of bikini competition that goes on at Hooters, this is the kind that takes place at a bodybuilding competition. You have to be toned and lean to compete. You have to have personality. And most importantly, you have to want this like nothing else in your life has ever mattered.

At this point, I do want this. Badly. My first show will be October 18, 2014 in Maumee, Ohio. The venue (pictures below) is small, as is the show. This isn’t a pro show, but it does give me great experience for when I want to do a pro show. And I am thinking about one on November 1, 2014. But we’ll see how October goes first.

2014-07-22 14.23.29

I am seriously nervous that I am mentioning this publically, but I figure that’ll also keep me dedicated.
I will be spending quite a few hours each week in the gym and keeping strict tabs on my macros.

Hopefully in October I’ll look as great as my fellow Grit Girls who compete!


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