I Don’t Get to Call the Shots Anymore

I am really trying to listen to my knee to see how it is going to treat me each day. When my ortho mentioned that I could be in the process of having the same issues I had during my first marathon, I decided to take this a little more seriously. In 2012 my femur began chipping little pieces of bone into my knee and there is a high possibility that my tibia is doing the same or is going to do the same. Naturally, I prefer that it doesn’t, so I am going to run as much as I can while being an adult and listening to my knee.
It has been doing me good so far and I’m going to keep on pushing. Yesterday, instead of the 6 miles on my calendar I chose to take it as a rest day and only run my 1 run streak mile. My knee is less swollen today and is feeling a little better since I took the break.
2015-12-08 07.37.06I would much rather take the time now to stay strong, than push it and not be able to race at all. Now, during the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is another story all together. Seeing as I’ll be having surgery shortly after the race anyways, my knee can suck it and I’ll be calling the shots on April 24. I have a very ambitious goal time in mind and I am spending the next 11 weeks staying healthy while setting myself up to do what I set out to do. My new goal time is about 20 minutes faster than what I originally set out for 5 weeks ago. Like I said, it’s ambitious with my history.

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