What Do You Mean the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon Is In 4 days??

It really does feel like I just started training. Wasn’t December just three weeks ago? That polar vortex was two days ago, right?


Wow, time does fly when you aren’t paying attention, or when you are stuck inside the house under 100-ish inches of snow. The winter running season wasn’t the best one for me to train for a marathon, thus forcing me to “only” run the Owens Corning Half Marathon. As a runner and former (one-time) marathoner I think it’s funny that I say only, when I refer to a distance that is obviously impressive to the non-runners.

Do you remember where to go and when to get there this weekend? Here is a reminder:

Race Weekend Logistics

The Home Stretch

There is more information about the race here too. Remember where the race started and why, with the history of the race. There are so many charities that you can run for.

If you can’t run this year, and you are looking ahead to 2015, which race distance will you pick? Do you know when you should¬†start training for that race?

I will be dressed something like this on race day, so if you see me please introduce yourself and I can take a picture and feature you here on There Are 2 Sides! Or just come and tell me that slow runners are amazing. Or just smile awkwardly. I also like Jet Blackberry GU, gifts of gel or chomp are accepted. Any of the above are acceptable.

BlackSwampPicture*Picture by Ferguson Photography*

I hope you have a fantastic experience at the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon this Sunday, April 27, 2014!

Do you have any questions about the race?

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