Monday’s Motivation

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Run For Pi – Race Pictures

I just found some race pictures from the Race For Pi 3.14 mile run on March 14!
They aren’t half bad either!

1381651_10152285728429629_1608780200_n 1456642_10152285948599629_1804070799_n 1981749_10152285948684629_777848204_nEh, I take that bad. I look so/so in them…but race pictures are always fun! I am always looking down when I run. I look at the road right in front of me, not what is way ahead of me. Is that normal?

Do you scour the internet looking for your pictures?

10 Tips to Fight Unhealthy Temptations

Food Temptations Have you heard the saying that the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug is food, and that exercise is the most potent and underutilized antidepressant. I tend to think that this is true because I have lived through both parts of this. I have abused food to help me calm down, to make me […]


Monday’s Motivation

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Toledo Roadrunners Club Member Profile

When I started running in late 2010 and when I was getting more serious about running in early 2011 I always checked out information from the Toledo Roadrunners Club. I didn’t join right away because I wasn’t a ‘real runner.’ I thought that only the ‘good’ runners were members and took part in the runs. […]


Halo Belt Review, A Good Race Picture & Runner Safety

I have a lot of random running information that I think is either funny or truly helpful. Let’s start with the helpful first. Halo Belt If you are in NW Ohio, or the midwest in general, then you know that during the winter months we have around 4 hours of ‘sunlight’ a day and even […]