I Broke Up With My Half Marathon Dream

The weight of the world feels like it is coming down on me right now. I think I may have spread myself a little too thin and in the meantime have become neglectful of things in my life.

I made the hard decision last night, to drop from the Glass City Marathon Owens Corning Half Marathon to the Glass City 5k. My training has severely suffered due to weather, life, my heart and a little with my knee. I will attempt to get my butt in gear for an August half marathon, but for now I am happy with the 5k. AND, I have never run the Glass City 5k! This way I will have run each of the races offered.

After this weekend, certain things will fall back into place and life will be fairly normal again.
Happy Friday!
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Monday’s Motivation

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I Didn’t Knock on Wood – The Ick Found Me

I have been a little under the weather the past week or so and I have not felt like doing anything besides eat and couch. I think it’s only seasonal allergies because it really revved up when the weather turned cold and wet this week. My sinuses are taking a beating and I’m feeling cloudy […]

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Monday’s Motivation

The Good and Bad of Being an Adult

No one tells you what being an adult is truly like. It is equal parts amazing and horrible in my book. Maybe slightly more amazing, but there are so many ‘must do’ items that make your personal world go round. There are things that are necessary in life, such as dishes, laundry, taxes, showering, planning, […]

24 Days Away from the Glass City Marathon

So, we have just over three weeks left to kick some major ass at the Glass City Marathon races. Have you looked at the course for your race yet? If not, here they are: Glass City Marathon course map Owens Corning Half Marathon course map Glass City Marathon 5k course map Are you the type […]