Over Committed

I came to the realization yesterday that I am stretched WAY too thin.
With my Glass City Marathon Ambassador program, working (more than) full-time, my home life, medical issues and serving on the Girls on the Run Board, I know that I am not giving my full attention to everything that I want to be a part of. So, yesterday I made the extremely hard decision to remove myself from the Girls on the Run Board. I hated doing it and I wish I didn’t have to, but having just a small part of my free time back does put me at ease. We are heading into bowl game season, which means my time is even less of my own. We have five possible MAC Conference bowl games to go to, and there could always be the option of one of the other 20+ bowl games. I won’t know how my December shapes up until November 28-to know if I work on December 5 at the MAC Championship game, and then on December 7-to know which bowl game we attend. Unfortunately, I had to un-over-commit myself. Especially with the medical issues I am experiencing, I just feel so stressed.

I would love to run some of my favorite late fall races, but I am not sure if I am going to have the time. I don’t know why this year feels so over the top stressful and busy to me, when I had most of the same activities going on last year. I guess I’ll blame it on my being a year older. I have even stopped eating right and lifting, not to mention that I have all but stopped running. I feel so out of touch with myself and I need to find my way back to my ‘normal.’

As I work on finding my balance again, here is some Friday inspiration for myself.

2014-09-08 21.04.46 2014-09-11 20.33.11

Random Pictures Edition

I know that I’ve said it 100334 times in the past few months, but holy busy. I can’t find the time (or I am really struggling to make the time) for certain things in my life. Blogging being one of them. Luckily, after this weekend, my craziness settles down!

A few weeks ago the microwave started giving off an electrical/burning smell. Naturally we watched and waited for it to die. And it never died and never smelled like that again. Other than being a place for our toaster oven to live, it is an integral piece of kitchen equipment. I got to thinking, and this microwave is over 16 years old. I am probably jinxing myself by putting this out there, but 16 is a long time, right?

2014-10-15 07.03.24

I was digging through my night stand and found my grandma’s old bible. She has passed away, but I found this picture inside of it. My grandma is on the left, looking quite fetching if I do say so. This was most likely taken in the 1930′s. Isn’t it amazing how fashion changes?
2014-11-02 16.15.59

I was in New York City last week for work and my hotel room had the most amazing view. I looked directly down on Times Square. I was pretty impressed. Thankfully the hotel is smart enough to know just how bright Times Square is and had black out shades for the windows.
2014-11-06 21.18.54And just to close out on a cute note, here is my Bo. He was excited when I came home from my business travel last weekend and didn’t let me out of his sight all weekend. I caught this cute face when he was napping on me.
2014-11-02 17.17.59-1How old is your microwave? 16 is crazy old if you ask me. I am so scared it is going to die now that I said this out loud…


2014-09-11 20.33.11

Monday’s Motivation

2014-10-09 07.35.17


12 weeks ago I started training for my first bodybuilding competition in the bikini category. I had a basic understanding of what I was getting myself involved in. I read all the blogs, articles and webpages I could find so I was prepared for everything. And I would like to think that I have a […]

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Monday’s Motivation

2014-09-18 18.20.36

Two Weeks Out

I haven’t’ talked about it much, because I don’t want to jinx myself, but my first bodybuilding competition in the bikini category is in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! And this scares the life out of me. I have had a rough time over the last week with back pain (AGAIN), so certain workouts have to […]