Run for Charity at the Glass City Marathon

As an Ambassador for the Glass City Marathon, I love letting people know about the race and all of the fabulous things that happen during race weekend.
3D-Ambassador-printRes-15logo_Glass-City-Marathon_R2DatenoTitle-towerLogoI gave away two free entries to the race earlier this month and now I get to tell you about the good that the Glass City Marathon does for the Toledo community. Since 2009, over $250,000 has been raised for Toledo-area non-profits. The Toledo Roadrunners Club allows the following non-profits to partner with the Glass City Marathon:

Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity

Kids Unlimited

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

Family House

Girls on the Run

Goodwill of NW Ohio

Racing for Recovery

Hanna’s Socks

Josina Lott Residential & Community Services

Who are choosing to run for? Signing up to run for a charity is easy:

1 – Click on the Official Charity Partner page
2 – Click on the name of the charity that you want to run for
3 – This will give you more information on the charity as well as three ways to donate: You can make a donation to a friend that is fundraising, you can make a personal donation, or you can donate to become a fundraiser or create a team.
4 – After you select which charity you are going to donate to, keep going and select your form of payment.

I hope you find the right charity to run for at the Glass City Marathon!

Have you ever run for charity before?

What Being a Slow Runner Has Taught Me

Happy Monday night!

It is still bitterly cold here in NW Ohio and I can’t say that I’m enjoying it that much. I love the cold weather, but when the temperature hits the single digits I begin to retract that statement. This weather makes me not want to run at all. I can’t seem to force myself outside right now, which makes marathon training extremely difficult. I know that I have to just get out the front door and let my body warm up after a few miles, but it’s that initial shock of cold that I don’t look forward to! It is also hard because my training runs can take twice as long as the elite runners’ runs, keeping me outside longer.

I have a few races planned over the next few months and a few of them I have run quite a number of times and I can’t wait for them to get here! When the racing high is over, there are still so many miles to be run! I still can’t wait for that racing high.

B7RrT-UIgAEFIk7In 2013 I touched on a passionate and sore subject to me, Where Slow Runners Are Made Fun of. I heard some nasty, hurtful comments about me when I walked part of the first mile of a half marathon. Seems stupid to some, but for many it is the only way they make it to the finish line.
It ended up touching a lot of people and opened up discussion about what slow runners are like, how we train, why we run. I am planning to write a series about slow runners. I am excited to let all runners know what it is like lining up in the back of the pack at races. I want runners to know that their 3 hour training run may take us 4.5. I am excited to let you all know what my four years of slow running have taught me.

What do you want to know about slow runners?


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