Do More

2015 has not been the year of Amanda.
Not even a little. It may even be the opposite of that.
I know people who are having the best year of their life and it makes me utterly jealous.

This has been the year of struggle, heartache, soul searching, self-awareness and finding out who I am.

This has been the year where I find happiness in some small way.
Come hell or high water, I’ll find it.


Monday’s Motivation

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Monday’s Motivation

2015-06-08 21.34.58

The Ocean At My Back

My mind has been so full of thoughts. Negative thoughts. Positive thoughts. Inquisitive thoughts. Scared thoughts. Happy thoughts. And OMG, so many thoughts. I can’t turn my brain off at all lately. I lay awake in the middle of the night with my thoughts. They have been taking over so much of my life and […]

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Monday’s Motivation

2015-06-03 13.32.22

I Am My Own Body Image Inspiration

Just last week I talked about my friend Brittany’s book, Fat Girl Walking and little did I realize how timely the release of this book truly was for me. I didn’t notice until halfway through the book, that I have had some body image issues this year. Nothing severe, but nothing to overlook in my […]