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It will be official in only 62 days

It is no surprise to you that I am a compulsive shopper. The classy way to say it is shopping enthusiast…
But my mom always knows just what to get me for my birthday.
Sure, I know my birthday isn’t for another 62 days but if you have a coupon for 25% off at Coach, you use that bitch right up.

Enter, my beloved friend, my new Poppy.

She is soft and supple and gorgeous.
I cannot wait until she is shipped to me.

I could wait out the 62 days until my birthday to actually use my purse, but what fun would that be?
Happy early Birthday to me!

  • Sandra

    Saw the purse and thought, “Goodie! A purse giveaway!” Turns out it’s your new purse, crap…it’s gorgeous. Tell it I love it and would consider dating it when the two of you breakup.

    • amanda @ There Are Two Sides

      Sorry it is not a giveaway! I doubt Coach would sponsor one and I would never pay for one just to give it away…I will send it your way if we ever part on bad terms.

  • Michele

    Love it! So pretty.